Our Core Curriculum

Every child is unique and has their own potential with natural curiosity and inborn creativity. Our goal is to retain and ignite a love for learning and enjoying the environment.

Early experiences are powerful and help develop cognitive skills, motor skills, emotional control, social attachment and language.

Sensory organs are gift of God. We have also designed our core curriculum in order to provide the kids to see and capture the World through their sensory organs

Individual Attention

Individual attention is probably one of the most important implications of a small class-size. Smaller the Class, greater the attention given to the child during Learning, Evaluating, and getting feedback.

The Educator can also spend more time per student, and access to common resources like teaching-learning materials, Library facilities, etc.

The Children’s Personality is enhanced by a partnership between Parents and Educators. Parents are the fundamental part of the School Community. Our School learns through their wisdom and experience by maintaining close ties with Parents.

Our School also educates the Parents by conducting Special Workshops and Seminars.